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Sep 022018
Anwar Wilkerson - DarkprinceArmon Lewd Nude Adult Cartoon Art (darkp.com, cosplay.ero.darkp.com, hentai.darkp.com)


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Busty Irrianna in Skimpy Battle Bikini a is a #gamecharacter re-imagine as an #eroticart #seminude by #request of a #DeviantArt member. It is created by art.darkp.com. Materials used are #ink, #pencil, various #permanentmarkers and #posca on 8.5” by 11” #cardstock print. This #art #illustration is in my collection and 4” by 6” prints are available. Use the #qrcode in the back of the #artalbum to receive more info on how to obtain a copy. There is no personal story behind this picture as it was a request upon which I accepted as a challenge. I had fun #drawing this picture and tested my exaggeration #porpotion skills limit. I say that but #cartoon exaggeration seems to be my thing with the #femaleform posted throughout my #instagramart account. Given that this will be the last finished work of the 2017 year I felt it best that I uploaded it as soon as possible. I hope you ?? it and may you #newyear2018 be blessed.

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