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Nov 202017
Anwar Wilkerson - DarkprinceArmon Lewd Nude Adult Cartoon Art (darkp.com, cosplay.ero.darkp.com, hentai.darkp.com)

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BLACKEDRAW Blonde girlfirend cheating at after party with black promoter

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Zelda Dark #originalcharacter #illustration by art.darkp.com. This #cartoon #character is a continuation of an illustration I did a while back called Dark Zelda. The reason I flipped the name was because I wanted her last name to be Dark. Her old #artwork looked more like a variation of a #color change from an older Zelda game model. I decided in this new #femalemodel I wanted to change it up slightly and give her a #witch look with the endless long flowing #black hair. In hindsight I would have make the #emoji character a triangle shape instead of the star shape. I guess I can do something like that in a future illustration of this character. I used my same old materials to create this. #pencil #makers #poscamarkers. Hope you ?? it.

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